Ockay vegans, let me clarify some stuff, i am not retarded or illiterate and neither are the poeple who eats meat. You see just because you eat living beings that doesn't walk, crawl etc. if you studied in biology then you'll know what i am going to talk about: every living being will decompose into carbon, plant, animal and human life will soner or later die and decompose. Later, the decomposed earth is fresh and filled with minerals (im am not sure if i am explaining this correctley in this language) that will have plants grow even easier on, it's the carbon cycle poeple! and scence plants grows it takes the nourishments from other living beings, also the colours the plants got are pigment cells and the plants has nerves, you can see the nerves with the naked eye even so vegans arent just hypocrits, they apperantley don't know what they are eating. read carefully and listen now: ALL LIVING BEINGS ARE PARASITIC CREATURES THAT SURVIVES BY RECIEVING NOURISMENTS, VITAMINS, MINERALS (etc.) FROM OTHER LIVING BEINGS!!!

And what disgusts me most about vegans is that they apperantley are more focused about animal rights than the situations mankind is up for.

Polution, war, starvation, all that kind of shit. Women are being raped, beaten and even having to live through having their children disapearing or dying.

orphans in africa are suffering with an empty stomach. and homelesness and poverty is devastating the developed countreys.

Vad fan?!

Nej seriöst, vad fan? Fredrick reinfelt har tydligen tänkt att stänga ner sveriges radio kanaler. ÄR HAN FRÅN VETTET?! fattar han inte att vi ligger mitt i ekonomikrisens skit och nu ska den feta rika flintisen lägga ner radio kanaler. han fattar tydligen inte att folk förlorar jobb, är det inte nog med att folk har svårt att till och med få jobb. Bra jobbat svenska folket, jag klappar sarkastiskt åt eran dumma val att välja ett rövhål till statsminister.

PS: jag vet att nästan hälften röstade på sosarna.

It won't be worth it.

yeah trolls listen i know that during the time i post this little update there won't be any vistors. so this is a message to all trolls that is going to troll my blogg in the future: It's not worth it. why? because i won't give a shit so you will do nothing but waste precious of time so this is my message don't troll, post nice comments or critics with good arguments and drink a cup of shut the fuck up.


Here's a little and intelligent question to everyone: I am sitting in here in Sweden infront of a computer wondering: why are we fighting, why does poeple no matter if atheist or not, fight over this rediculus issue? why are we fighting over whos religion is making more scence and whos religion is entireley wrong? Tell me why! I think know why, we are either afraid of each other, wan't to look like the most dominant of all or just being plainely an asshat not thinking before saying. If you are gonna critique a religion, study its teachings, not its followers. Study it's holy texts, not the texts poeple tells you other wise SHUT UP! Respect others believes and they'll respect your's, if they don't then simply IGNORE THEM, or Agree to disagree (i am totally not explaining that one).

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