The internet war.

The internet, a new form of communication and multi media through computers and other kind of electronical devices. these series of tubes have been very useful to store information, make sites where poeple from across the world who can afford a modem and a computer to meet each other like Msn, blogg sites, youtube etc. however when these sites where created it turned out ALL kinds off poeple could be in here: white supreamesists, extremists, poeple that start critisize others way of life and all of sudden the internet has become a battlefield. Many poeple that lacks the meaning of regular spelling when they are "debating", they are saying things like: "lololol joo r so stopid" or something similar, but then it may happen that someone with a good education comes along and joins this stupid online war with poeple they don't know and a true debate may begin. this kind of war still rages on. It's nearly about everything: musical groups, religion, nationality, fandom and even guns (ex. AK 47 IS BETTER THAN M16!!!!) yeah, i know it's really absurd. and not only that, a new concept of poeple came to the internet, they are known as trolls. not like a troll that lives under a bridge, i'm talking about trolls that goes around in internet forums, film sites and other sites and bloggs around. what are they doing: Trolling. they go around cursing, saying bad stuff to things and other poeple have made in the internet, f.ex. when something happens in an anime series they start making bad/sexual/offensive "jokes" about it and start "critisizing" stuff in a bad manor.  now you think i am saying that i am perfect and doesn't do any of the things, but i am not and i am confessing that i have been partaking in some of these debates but i've changed, i've stopped doing that and so need the the debating  poeple of the internet need to do, things might go out of hand.

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