Racism, i mean why are poeple that anyway? i doubt that this will change somebodys mind but i don't give a flying crap. This is my blog, if you don't like it, don't read it. This is just me expressing my thoughts on whatever the fuck i wan't! Back to subject, My message to all incompitent racists out there is: YOU DIDN'T CHOOSE WICH RASE YOU WERE BORN IN, SO IT'S UNNECESSARY TO BE PROUD ABOUT IT! don't go all like: "but they all do alot of crimes" thing. White poeple do the same. Everyone can do a crime, no matter if he/she is a hobo living under a cardboard box in an alley to the president of a country dot and END.


Obama is not muslim, he was raised by his christian white mother when he was a kid. his dad is the immigrant not Obama besides, what would the bad thing be if he was muslim? what, do you like think he will make entire the us suicide bomb itself or something? The Qur'an says you are not allowed to commit suicide let alone killing or hurting lots of poeple. also if he was muslim, i would be pretty sure that he wouldn't be so much into abortion.


aniversary for the tenth time i updated my blogg, hooray for that dear readers if there even were any.


I'm am going around facebook sometimes, and when i am in the mood for looking at pictures i see some (or many) chicks take pictures of themself and then they blur out the face... yeah, just let me ask WHAT IS THE POINT OF TAKING THAT PICTURE IN THE FIRST PLACE?! no really, i am amazed that there are poeple that ar just THAT stupid, it's inconvinient as FUCK! It's like waging war for peace, or having sex to be a virgin! if you are taking a picture of yourself, bluring it, claim that this is yourself and post it on the internet. it's just stupid!

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