End of the world theories/profecies

Poeple, the end is not nigh. There have been dosens of profecies but none of them ever occured.

The poeple that think that the world ends when the year have a six, the month and the day have a six are just plain dumb because the year triple six occured AND WE ARE STILL BREATHING!

Y2K was proven wrong, the swine flu only killed like 200 out of 6 billion poeple, the bird flu didn't do shit bu killing birds.

Old profecies of ancient "Orakles" doesn'e make scence because they did drugs to tell the future or THEY JUST GUESSED!

There are also poeple that think there is some form of a internet program that could forsee natural disasters but if it could then all the poeple of fucking katrina would be evacuated alredy, and prepeare them.

2012, predicted by a mayan callendar that expires at that time... ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?!  JUST BECAUSE IT WAS PREDICTING ECLIPSES DOESN'T MEAN THAT IT EXPIRES AT 2012!

They probably didn't have time to make more or it might be because THEY WERE SLAUGHTERE BY THE SPANISH QONQUESADORS!

Postat av: Philip

Haha the theories are just a bunch of lies and urban legends to frighten people, but they are indeed fun to talk about :)

2011-03-26 @ 15:10:36
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